Prebuilt solutions and accelerators

Prebuilt solutions and accelerators

Turnkey digital solutions and AI accelerators

Prebuilt solutions and accelerators

Turnkey digital solutions and AI accelerators

To help businesses meet their challenges, operate more effectively and become more competitive, EXL is dedicated to ongoing innovation. We invest heavily in domain and technology experts who understand the specific industry, function and process challenges and can then orchestrate the right combination of advanced digital technologies to improve customer experience and business outcomes. 

We deploy an ever-growing suite of digital products and solutions tailored to our clients industries, as well as processes common across companies around the world. Built upon a comprehensive set of reusable digital components, we bring rapid design and deployment to generate real, tangible outcomes.

Digital solutions

Digital solutions

Compliance transformation

Driving digital transformation

Connected operations

Powered by EXL’s Management Information Assistant (MIA)


Deliver excellent customer experience in a digitally connected future

Corporate accounting

Flexible, comprehensive accounting across the enterprise

Data-driven finance

Discover deeper actionable insights faster

Digital Intake Solution for Insurance

Powered by EXL Xtrakto.AI™

Digital KYC

Simplify compliance with AI powered KYC

EXL Digital Endorsement Portal

EXL Digital Virtual Assist (DIVA)

AI-powered digital customer experience

Conversational AI

Redefine your customer experience for measurable results

EXL Nervehub™

Next-gen digital command center to orchestrate human and digital workforces

EXL Paymentor℠

Create a unified and personalized debt collection journey for your debtors

EXL Smart Audit

AI-driven audit to improve business and customer outcomes


AI and NLP powered Content Extraction capability

Finance transformation

Driving digital transformation

Insurance wallet

Empower customers to effectively manage risk through adequate insurance coverage

Revenue acceleration

Experience faster growth and profitability

Risk transformation

Driving digital transformation

Point-of-sale financing

Credit solutions designed to meet consumers where they are

EXL™ Transaction Insights

Unlock the power of bank transaction data