Our client is a Midwest healthcare system with an extensive integrated network of physicians and healthcare providers, working together in more than 100 locations. Its vision is to be recognized as a national leader in clinical excellence, patient experience and affordable care.

Client Need/Challenges

To pursue its vision, the healthcare system recognized the need to enhance the trustworthiness of its clinical and operational data. This trusted data would then be used to enable better business and clinical decisions, drive operational and financial efficiencies, and enhance patient retention, which in turn, drives growth.

EXL Health Data Services Solution Approach/Methodology

The EXL Health Data Services team conducted an extensive assessment of the client’s current enterprise-wide data and reporting ecosystem. The assessment included interviews with over 70 individuals, including informal conversations with patients.

Some of the questions asked to health system representatives to understand the current Information landscape included:

  • “What are the day-to-day challenges in obtaining the data needed to function most effectively in your role?”
  • “How information is disseminated to you and how do you disseminate information?”
  • “If you had a magic wand, what would be the first things you would fix and why?”

After compiling the results of the interviews, the assessment:

  • Identified gaps in data/reporting needs for each of the health system’s business units
  • Exposed data management challenges
  • Identified skill set challenges across the health system’s ecosystem
  • Determined software needs and associated cost functions

EXL Health Data Services Solution Approach/Methodology

EXL Health's Data Management Assessment and Recommendations Process

Furthermore, the assessment resulted in the following for the client:

  • A factual representation of the health systems’ current ecosystem, with clear recommendations that are aligned to the client’s business priorities
  • A revised vision of the health system’s Enterprise Information Management (EIM) needs
  • Pathways to an EIM data framework and an information governance framework
  • A proposed data management strategy to support the client’s current and future data and reporting needs, used to support the client’s overall organizational strategies and tactical plans.
  • An implementation plan with defined milestones, based on the client’s business priorities
  • An agile roadmap with defined business value at each phase of the delivery

EXL Health’s Enterprise Information Management (EIM) Services

The illustration below describes the various components of EXL Health’s Enterprise Information Management (EIM) services. This portfolio of services ensures a centralized repository of high quality and trusted data, a secure and disciplined environment based on data governance rules and policies, and access to an Operational Data Store (ODS) and/or data marts for report generation and advanced analytics.

EXL Health’s Enterprise Information Management (EIM) Services

The Roadmap to Value

Beyond the initial data management assessment, the end result and ultimate goal for the client is an Enterprise Quality Information System(eQIS). The designed benefits that the client may recognize include:

  • Faster access, faster results. Too often in the past, the client would receive requests for data and it would take some time to gather all of the requested data and deliver it in a useful manner. EXL’s process allows for rapid access to the raw data once it is on boarded to allow for faster insight into data.
  • The right data at the right time. As part of the on-boarding process, we run the data through several cleansing, normalization, verification, and matching routines so that the data that you use can be trusted. No more concerns around where the data comes from and the trustworthiness of it.
  • One source for all your questions. The client will no longer have to go from source to source to gather and combine its data for reporting purposes. The results will be one single trusted source – the Single Version of the Truth – that will be able to satisfy the client’s reporting and analytic needs.
  • Reusable Framework. EXL will provide a reusable framework that not only allows the client to drive business results, but allows for projects acceleration. EXL has a defined process that, when followed, will serve as a project accelerator, allowing us to complete projects faster. It also allows the business to be more self-sufficient, and not rely so much on a single point for all its needs.

The eQIS Business Value Map


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