Nurturing our planet

Rohit Kapoor



"At EXL we approach every new initiative in a systematic and thoughtful manner. Our focus on sustainability is no different. We felt the need to develop a strategy that would help enhance our actions in this domain. This strategy provides us with a framework that will enable us to “Lead the Change, Change to Lead".

- Rohit Kapoor, Vice Chairman and CEO

EXL's global footprint endeavors us to keep the environment impact of our operations to a minimum. We are passionate about our commitment to protect the planet, and continuously strive to reduce our carbon footprint, improve energy conservation, minimize waste and develop green infrastructures and operations. In our evergreen pursuit to protect our planet, EXL centers its environmental stewardship efforts around:

Net Zero: We optimize usage of purchased electricity and hence reducing our carbon footprint, steadily but gradually opting for renewable energy sources. We engage in climate actions by marching towards being a Net Zero business.

Waste Minimization:  We persistently work on processes to reduce our consumption of paper and plastic and hence reducing our waste.

Water Conservation: We dedicatedly monitor our raw water consumption and continually improve management programs.

Compliance: We seek to comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations.

To learn more about our goals to protect our planet and goals in environmental issues, click here.

Marching towards Net Zero

We are working to achieve net zero emissions by 20451, with reduction of our absolute greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions under Scope 1 and Scope 2 by two-thirds by 2035.2


We are working on re-engineering our operations to maximize efficiency across our global enterprise. For more information on our path to net zero, please review our Sustainability Report.

Achievements to date:

  • Harnessing renewable energy: Installed 74 KW rooftop solar power project in Noida and Pune.
  • EXL’s UK center transitioned to 100% green energy
  • Afforestation: Plantation of 10,000 trees in India in partnership with our corporate social responsibility team
  • Introduced electric vehicles for employee commutes [in India]


1. Includes Scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions

2. 2019 baseline

Our environmental objectives:

  • Net zero by 2045
  • Energy efficiency
  • More energy from renewable sources in the mix
  • Waste reduction
  • Water conservation