APS Summarization – Digitized and Automated Underwriting

Effective APS, EHR, and Lab reviews require skilled underwriters with a medical background to analyze conflicting pieces of information while faced with:


Duplicative Records

Voluminous Documentation

Expensive Record Collection

Our Approach

EXL MedConnection team includes 2000+ MDs, Nurses, and Clinicians at EXL to provide a turnkey solution for underwriters making these critical decisions. Our solution helps increase underwriter productivity, reduce time spent in medical review and at the same time increase straight through processing rates.

  • Underwriting Blueprint
  • Medical underwriting team
  • Best-in-class policy admin platform
  • Dedicated data scientists
  • Full customer journey
  • Underwriter workbench
  • 500+ accelerated underwriting rules template
  • Reinsurer partnerships
Scoring and Analytics
  • Custom models & underwriting scores
  • External data access pre-configured
  • Visualization dashboards 


Solution Highlights

Underwriters face a variety of challenges, including illegible handwriting, complex medical terminology and ever more pressure on making quick decisions.

MedConnection team can work as an extension of the current team or use our proprietary web based platform to ingest data and provide a structured and summarized output to improve underwriter efficiency and decision accuracy.

Hyperlink functionality enables underwriters to quickly review files, locate pages and sort by criteria for any type of medical record.

EXL’s MedConnection team provides users with a significant cycle time reduction and improvement in NPS scores. Advanced, automated processing can reduce underwriting reviews by 20% or more.



Vice President - Sales and Claims Transformation Strategy
SVP, Head of Insurance Platform Services
Vice President - Insurance Platform Services (P&C)

Christopher V Tidball

Vice President - Sales and Claims Transformation Strategy

Chris' career has spanned 25 years, from field adjuster to claims executive with leading insurers AIG and Progressive Insurance. Chris is the author of multiple books, both fiction and non-fiction, including Re-Adjusted: Taking Your Claims Organization from Ordinary to Extraordinary! He is a graduate of Arizona State University, a Senior Claims Law Associate and Six Sigma Black Belt. He can be reached at Christopher.Tidball@exlservice.com or (904) 742-9031.

Brad Burdick

SVP, Head of Insurance Platform Services

Brad leads EXL’s Insurance Platform Services business unit with overall responsibility for delivering solutions and services to meet our insurance clients’ needs. With over 30 years of experience in technology, strategy, and operations, Brad’s focus is on combining technology and services to deliver distinctive capabilities. Brad has over 15 years of Insurance industry experience combined with a rich technology and operations background. Bead joined EXL in 2011 as a part if the acquisition of The Hartford Insurance Group subsidiary, Trumbull Services, of which he was the President.

Sandeep Juneja

Vice President - Insurance Platform Services (P&C)

Sandeep Juneja is Vice President with P&C Insurance Platform Services at EXL. He has spent over 22 years in the field of Insurance & Financial services outsourcing, Transformation, Operations Management and M&A. Sandeep has led large projects combining Technology, Operations and Analytics to deliver value for clients across North America and APAC. He has complete his bachelors in Accounting and Masters in Financial Management and International Finance.


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