"Company leaders wanted a solution that would automate the manual processes and increase reporting accuracy, as well as provide the visibility and tracking to enable staff to spend their time overseeing the process, not handling the mundane work themselves"

Work Optimization X RPA

Our client, US leading commercial property and casualty insurance company knew they needed to improve their policy endorsement process and update payroll information without errors. The major concern arose, when policies for large business were fed into the system to perform hundreds of endorsements and then payroll information was entered for worker’s compensation line of business.

Each policy has multiple touch points. Every policy takes 2-3 weeks to process, also there were operational challenges like manual validations of multiple data, missing or incomplete information causing numerous touch-points, time taking manual validations and exception handling.


Our proven methodologies and framework enable strong collaboration with the client’s business stakeholders. As a result, we deliver the right solution the first time, so our clients can start realizing the resulting efficiencies and cost savings faster.

EXL offered a one-stop solution with Automation Anywhere Enterprise. The RPA intervention transformed end to end processing with an unattended self reliant BOT that has abilities to perform all policy endorsement and updating payroll information without errors.

"EXL has strong domain expertise in the insurance sector, and experience applying robotics and automation to previously manual functions, with excellent outcomes"


EXL deployed two-pronge approach to help the client:

  • Data Extraction BOT - Extracts data from client systems which is then shared with field auditors, and is used by auditors to pass the information to bot regarding all the endorsement and payroll changes.
  • Processing BOT - After getting all the data from field auditors, processing BOT picks all the information and performs all endorsements and payroll update processing on client systems without any errors.


Within 4 months after the project kickoff, Automation Anywhere BOT delivered 50% faster customer experience with no data errors. Overall, the process productivity improved twice compared to the existing processes:

  • 50% - 60% shorter turn around time
  • 70%-80% reduced client auditors effort
  • Accuracy improved by 100%
  • Cost to serve reduced by 30% - 35%
  • 100% real time processing

Following the success, this BOT will be a base for all future automations and for other processes including endorsement and audit processing.

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