Empowering Field Case Managers with mobile surveys

Any time, any place

EXL Health’s mobile solution, CareRadius® Direct, allows member surveys to be conducted when a care manager is out in the field. CareRadius® Direct is a mobile application accessed through your mobile device that communicates with the CareRadius® application.

Compliant and secure

CareRadius® Direct supports the use of surveys from your mobile device while adhering to security standards and maintaining compliance. This allows you to:

  • Conduct member surveys while off-site in a securely encrypted application
  • Sync survey templates and members with your mobile device
  • Four-digit PIN makes log-in easy and secure
  • Capture and export electronic signature CareRadius® Direct
  • Sync survey responses directly into CareRadius® (Patent Pending)
  • Ensures compliance with NCQA/CMS/URAC state regulations for completing necessary surveys

Flexibility in the field

Care Managers need the ability to update survey templates and retrieve member data while on the go. Robust bi-directional functionality allows you to:

  • Retrieve an updated list of members to which you are associated
  • Access pre-loaded survey templates
  • Attach survey responses for the selected member
  • Delete unneeded survey templates
  • Alerts user if responses have not yet been exported

Additional benefits

  • Ability to perform surveys when off-line and then sync them to CareRadius® when internet connectivity has been re-established
  • Care Managers can partially complete a survey and then check out the survey for completion at a member’s home
  • View a member’s prior responses

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