The Challenge

The client aimed to transform its contract profiling process to reduce end-to-end turnaround time and better identify revenue opportunities. Complicating this goal was the complexity of the profiling process, which engages multiple stakeholders and requires complex billing models. Additionally, the client required a large amount of heterogeneous contracts with hundreds of terms that could be profiled analyzed.

Digital Intelligence Solution

EXL automated the generation of client profiles for all transaction fee price points by implementing its contract term optimizer tool, which facilitates skill-based work allocation. Automated daily dashboards were also implemented to rack process SLAs. Analytics were also embedded throughout process end to end to identify additional revenue and revenue recapture opportunities. 

Real Results

-    50% reduction of cycle time end to end
-    29% productivity improvement
-    61% reduction in profiling data points from the contract term optimizer
-    $1-2M identified new revenue opportunities

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