Leading the Change

Our People

To learn at a rate that is faster than the market, we encourage self-learning and active conversations. This creates a culture in which every individual has the motivation to create in the pursuit of finding a better way, to explore new technologies. The diversity of our workforce amplifies this culture.

To know what makes our people the biggest differentiators, read our sustainability report.

Environmental Stewardship

We have a strong commitment to keep the environmental impact of our operations to a minimum. Our approach to environmental stewardship is focused on reducing our carbon footprint, improving energy conservation, minimizing waste, and developing green infrastructure and operations.

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Community Engagement

We engage with communities to help them position themselves as leaders and achieve better success in life. We seek to achieve this objective by providing our communities access to market-relevant skills.

Learn about the positive impact we are making in the community.

Corporate Governance

Our commitment to ethical, responsible and transparent business practices defines the way EXL conducts business and engages with stakeholders. Our clients choose to work with us because we provide them with solutions that drive business value in an ethical manner, supported by a strong governance framework which infuses our values into our business relationships and practices.

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Read the Sustainability Report 2019 to know how EXL makes a difference.

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