Pre-Sales campaign for a leading fintech was launched in July 2018 in EXL’s Banking and Financial Services vertical. The biggest challenge of this program was to improve pre transfer Rate for Pre Sales process which in return will improve their loan conversion rate. At the inception of this process EXL had no set target for Transfer Rate as part of KPI. EXL suggested that as the main KPI.

Second Challenge was with Performance Reporting and Tracking Sales productivity and pull through ratios.


EXL collaborated with the client and worked on the challenges and proposed below solution-

  • Lead Quality Analysis presented to the client for increased transfer Rate by Tenure of the Lead.
  • Created Staffing Model based on extracted trend of Lead pattern and Right Party Contact.
  • Call Handling Time improvement thus improving resource efficiency by suggesting Dialer Clock to remove extra time for review and after call work. Client couldn’t place control so EXL created strong Operational Governance via KPI Performance Dashboards, Interval Reporting, RTA management, Visual Management (FLASH TV Screen).
  • Collaborated with client to suggest High APR rebuttal script to improve Transfer Rate by reducing the Not Interested applicants due to higher APR.


  • Increased Transfer Rate per month.

Real Results

  • Efficiency improved by 50% with strong governance control on Call handling Time (30s improvement in 3mos.
  • The Transfer Rate improved by 800 bps in 60 days & 1200 bps in 120 days of the process launch.


Increase in total transfer Rate in first 60 days

Increase in total transfer Rate in first 120 days


Improvement on CHT (drop of 30s from Target)

Improvement on resource efficiency


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