The Challenge:

The client faced issues with their customer correspondence processes resulting in high customer complaints, leading to a huge backlog created due to inefficient process design, high turnaround time and poor C-SAT scores.

EXL collaborated with the client to identify potential areas of improvement as highlighted below: 

  • High turnaround service level of 48 hours
  • Unstructured complaints management process
  • Limited view of customer and demand insights
  • Operations in single shift leading to higher operating cost
  • No work prioritization
  • Traditional Lean Six Sigma based approach
  • Focus only on transaction monitoring instead of customer experience focus

Digital Intelligence Solution: EXL, through its years of utilities domain knowledge and driven by the ethos of delivering a seamless customer experience, implemented multiple interventions which made a positive impact on the client correspondence processes. Highlighted below are few key tenets of our solution:

  • Point of delivery (POD) based work allocation; synergies between front and back office
  • Ring-fenced complaints handling team
  • Customer experience oriented quality approach
  • Customer outcome driven operating model
  • Embedded analytics in operations through dedicated center of excellence
  • Cross training and dual-shift operations
  • Structured queue management and work prioritization
  • Digital task-force to reduce customer demand

Real Results:

  • 20% efficiency improvement in one year
  • 95% reduction in backlog through process design
  • 58% reduction in complaints in one year
  • 98% queries answered in 48 hours
  • Improvement in C-SAT for online customer form – 5 – 8.5

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