EXL Achieves Leader Status in First Time Everest Group PEAK Matrix™ Assessment for Healthcare Clinical and Care Management BPS Services

EXL has been named as a Leader in the “Everest Clinical and Care Management (CCM) BPS Services PEAK Matrix Assessment 2019. In addition, EXL Clinical and Care Management BPS solutions were recognized as top performers for vision and capability including innovation, investment and strategic vision. As the market shifts to value-based care healthcare organizations are taking measures to ensure high quality care at lower costs. Technology and analytics enabled domain-led services are critical to meet this evolving need. “EXL is one of the very few players to have an automation and analytics enabled Clinical and Care Management solution.” Everest, 2019.

Key EXL strengths cited by the Everest Group in the CCM BPS report include:

  • One of the most diverse delivery networks in care management service delivery industry
  • Dominant presence across CCM BPS processes and value chain
  • Innovative analytics and digitally driven service strategy
  • Access to data including non-traditional sources such as SDOH
  • Flexible engagement models, domain expertise and relationship management
  • Top contributor to market growth in both revenue and new client partners acquired in 2019

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Elizabeth Bigham
Senior Vice President and General Manager, Clinical Services, EXL

"Everest Group noted that EXL was one of the very few providers able to orchestrate automation and analytics into our clinical and care management solutions. We believe that data and analytics, whether embedded within clinical and care management processes or delivered as stand-alone offerings, are crucial to improving care quality and lowering the total cost of care."
Manu Aggarwal
Vice President, Everest Group

"EXL’s domain expertise, diverse delivery networks, data access and analytics strategy gives EXL dominant presence in the clinical and care management BPS service industry."

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