Businesses need to rapidly adopt digital solutions, link operational metrics and customer metrics, manage digital and human workforces, and improve customer outcomes. EXL NerveHub™, powered by EXL’s proprietary AI based digital intelligence platform helps companies manage their workforce, drive powerful outcomes and make faster decisions.

EXL NerveHubTM utilizes embedded predictive analytics to show business owners and managers how strategic or tactical changes influence their customer outcomes in real time.

Beyond Visualized Data

With the EXL NerveHubTM, companies can move beyond just visualizing data to understand what happened, why it happened, and what they need to do next to improve. Stakeholders gain a powerful understanding of their transformation efforts through a centralized dashboard.

The Command Center includes powerful data visualization across

  • Performance KPIs
  • Workforce
  • Transformation roadmaps
  • Customer journeys
  • Strategy simulations and other innovations

This helps provide customized insights using built-in analytics that translate into better results on the most important metrics.

Using advanced analytics, the Command Center allows anyone from C-suite executives to operations managers to drill down and discover which variables are impacting performance. Its built-in analytics provide recommendations that translate into better results on your most important metrics.

Key Benefits

  • Improves operations
  • Reduces deployment time
  • Orchestrates digital and human workforce
  • Enhances outcomes
  • Links customers’ outcomes to process KPIs/SLAs
  • Offers better understanding of transformation

Key Features

  • Single console manages digital and human workforce in real time
  • Embeds predictive analytics
  • Simple, secure data integration
  • Embeds monitoring and powerful data visualization

Getting the Most Out Of Data, Safely

IT components including data security, bolstering existing technology and seamless integration are also critical when implementing any new platform. With EXL NerveHubTM, you can expect:

  • Simple and secure data integration
  • Dynamic hosting options
  • Data integrated with EXL’s Operations Management Business
  • Proven, embedded models and insight generation

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