The Forrester research covers the assessment of Insights-driven BPO vendors which "represent the future of a rapidly changing business model that is driven by thought partnerships, enhanced focus on outcomes, and a diminishing appetite for effort-based engagements."

Here's what Forrester says about EXL, a Leader in the Wave, as well as the top scoring vendor in the strategy category.

EXL has a solid vision for insights-driven BPO. It puts skin in the game by driving innovation on both technology and commercial models; for example, it worked with HSBC to create and market an automated digital know-your-customer process.

EXL continues to build on its already impressive capability footprint with a distinct roadmap to provide sophisticated insights-driven BPO capabilities at scale to clients in financial services, healthcare, and energy.

EXL has demonstrated the ability to think both wide - across the scope of a business process - and deep, from data to insight to action and outcome. These include standard and nonstandard forms of insights-driven process and technology interventions.

Clients commend EXL's deep bench of insights-driven skills and say that it has 'better analytics than anybody else.' EXL is a strong fit for a variety of clients, but particularly those looking to infuse complex business processes with breakaway value through insights.

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