Human Ingenuity in Action: Whole Person Health Management

Explore how integrating SDoH and clinical data can unlock decreased costs and better health outcomes.

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Creating a real-time natural language processing framework in weeks

Looking and going deeper, EXL Health leveraged an effective clinical data loading infrastructure from its care management application, and customized it to meet the needs of the provider within a matter of weeks.

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Human Ingenuity in Action: Self Service Investigation Capabilities Saves Millions

Learn how one client saved $2M in one year and can now investigate more providers and identify potential fraud much faster.

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Human Ingenuity in Action

We leverage Human Ingenuity and domain expertise to help clients improve outcomes, optimize revenue, and maximize profitability across the healthcare ecosystem.

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We look and go deeper to solve your complex problems.

Delivering the Vaccine is just the beginning: How to confront the long-term impact of COVID.

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Together, we will do this

Learn how EXL Health partnered with a leading US Health plan to transform their utilization management telephonic intake contact center through digital innovations and technologies.

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How We Help You Succeed

Explore how we’ve helped one client cut overpayments by millions through data mining and analytics.

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