Finding unbilled revenue for a leading trucking company


One of America's leading trucking and transportation services providers with businesses spread across multiple geographies.


The client was exploring a solution that would consolidate the entire order-to-cash processes- comprising of billing, corrections, collection and cash application, and post-invoicing audit- with one service provider offering operational economies and cost reduction through the use of process improvement and data analytics.


EXL created a complete end-to-end order-to-cash processing solution for the client by including the following key steps:

  • Imaging and indexing of bill of lading, unrated bills, checks and claim documents
  • Entry of bills and supporting information into billing system
  • 2-way check followed by cash application
  • Application of appropriate rates and tariffs
  • Application of payment receipts
  • Claim resolution and processing


  • 55% exposure reduction in the first year
  • $10million of annual revenue clawed back through data analytics
  • Savings from process consoldiation and automation
  • Reduced outstanding claims payable through quicker resolution

Improving the order-to-cash process to find unbilled revenue for a leading trucking company

  • Reduced exposure from unmatched residual payments by 55% in the first year
  • Annual revenue claw back of over US$10 million through data analytics to improve revenue assurance
  • Eliminated errors through automation of billing work streams
  • Reduced outstanding claims payable through quicker resolution
  • Standardized tariff lists and rating parameters for freight bills
  • Savings from process consolidation and automation
  • Faster resolutions and turnaround to improve customer service

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