Mortgage Digital and Analytics

Art of the possible: digital and analytics

The need to engage with customers digitally has never been more pronounced. EXL’s digital and data analytics solutions, leveraging AI, robotic process automation, machine learning and natural language processing to name a few, are tailored to help mortgage companies add value across the entire customer journey.

Digital modernization for sustainable business

  • Omni-channel, cognitive borrower engagement: Improved digital engagement with minimal, relevant document requirements enabled by cognitive chatbots, mobile communications, omni-channel integration and enhanced contact centers.
  • AI-infused customer interactions: Virtual agents, such as EXL’s Exelia.AI™, enabling human-like interactions through voice and chat across the customer journey.
  • Customer acquisition analytics: Data-generated insights to identify qualified leads.
  • Document digitization: RPA and AI-based intelligent information extraction tools, such as EXL’s Xtrakto.AI™, for OCR / ICR based validation, indexing and extraction of data from semi-structured or unstructured documents like paystubs, bank statements and tax documents to increase straight-through processing.
  • Automated underwriting: Leveraging state of the art solutions that can improve automation of simple loans with well-orchestrated underwriting rules and policies to enhance performance.
  • Predictive default management: Delinquency models analyzing historical data, economic factors and other variables to proactively plan actions.
  • Intelligent title settlement: Intelligent data extractions, analytics and RPA for end-to-end title settlement process acceleration.
  • RPA and ML: Leveraging pragmatic RPA solutions across CRM, LOS and service platforms to enable faster time-to-close and positive customer experience.

Analytics for driving outcomes

  • Prospecting: Targeted marketing campaigns, lead optimization, SEO, partner channel optimization and reporting.
  • Acquisition: Readiness-to-buy determination, customer conversion optimization, loan officer fitment modeling, automated NLP content extraction, capacity planning and reporting.
  • Underwriting: Fraud analytics, optimized risk modeling, pricing optimization, automated NLP content extraction, capacity planning and reporting.