Mortgage Title Insurance

Operations management for title settlement services

Count on our scalable resources to flex with your workflow and enable growth through a highly automated, digitized service that supports sustainable business operations in title settlement. Our end-to-end, domain-specific Operations Management capabilities cover:

  • Title plant search: Including owner search, plant identification, document prep, lien and judgment search, PACER and OFAC search, and other packages.
  • Title examination: Including search package review, issue resolution and title commitment prep.
  • Title commitment typing: Including vesting information, address, legal description, taxes, mortgage/DOT, exceptions and requirements.
  • Title curation: Including curative task management, additions, resolutions and closings.
  • End-to-end support: Including preparing and reviewing closing docs, verifications, issue resolution/escalation, post-close quality review, fund disbursement and reconciliation, and title recording.