Castle High Value property insurance surveys

Castle High Value

Blending human excellence and digital intelligence to leave every customer stronger, more secure, and more engaged.

Castle High Value

Blending human excellence and digital intelligence to leave every customer stronger, more secure, and more engaged.

Handling high value with utmost care and professionalism

Castle High Value, formerly Castle Inspection Service, is widely regarded as the insurance industry’s premier high value residential insurance survey company. We have assembled the most highly trained and experienced staff available, all of whom are experts in their field.

Our nationwide services include cutting-edge valuation methods, expert underwriting and risk assessment, as well as commercial loss control techniques. With Castle High Value, you can be assured that your personal line accounts will be handled with professionalism.

We realize that our interaction with your policyholders is a direct reflection of your company, and we take this responsibility very seriously. All Castle High Value surveys are by appointment only, use highly skilled professionals, and typically take one-to-two hours for the visit.

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Unique advantages

Castle is a leader in high value surveys, including the preferred provider of high net worth focused carriers. We have a significant US footprint, with over 250 high value consultants in all 50 states.

  • Reputation of distinction in our industry
  • Local construction cost knowledge
  • Nationwide coverage
  • Expertise with all replacement cost estimation tools 
  • Professionalism to promote your brand, leading to increased retention and referrals
  • Identify cross-sell opportunities for scheduled property, commercial lines, and others
  • Validate premium credits
  • Customized solutions to fit your needs 
  • Excellent technology and data management
Featured insights
EXL is a leading domain expert on high-value home underwriting. Our Castle ITV Guardian solution pairs EXL’s AI capabilities with our proprietary database of survey and construction data to flag policies at high risk of underinsurance.
Insurance-to-Value is at an inflection point in homeowners Insurance. P&C leaders point to an “industry revenue problem” as the primary cause of unsustainable loss ratios. Carriers are simply not getting adequate premium to keep up with inflation-plagued loss costs.
High net worth (HNW) insurance carriers must provide broad coverage policies and excellent service to compete for this highly desirable line of business.
Skilled professionals from our high value team will handle this unique class of business with superior attention to detail.
Castle Assist™ is a new solution from EXL, transforming the way High Value Surveys are completed. Rather than coordinating a home visit with a field consultant, policyholders submit home photos through an easy-to-use app. A Castle High Value™ Specialist reviews the results, conducts supplemental research, then “closes the loop”with the insured over the phone
EXL XTRAKTO.AI™ is an AI-powered suite of enterprise Intelligent Data Processing solutions, services, and reusable components that processes unstructured text and images. Combining AI with deep insurance domain expertise, EXL XTRAKTO.AI™ rapidly processes documents related to servicing, new business, and claims to generate insights.

EXL acquired OVERLAND SOLUTIONS, INC.™, Inc. in 2014, including Castle Inspection Service, the country’s premier provider of High Value Insurance Appraisals for the High Net Worth space.