Manufacturing finance and accounting

Manufacturing finance and accounting

Deliver data-led manufacturing operations

Manufacturing finance and accounting

Deliver data-led manufacturing operations

Building a better F&A function

CFOs in the manufacturing industry need full visibility into forecasting and scenario planning, pricing and cost implications and working capital, including DSO. Through the adoption of proprietary and leading analytics and technology point solutions, we deliver full-scale data driven F&A solutions that help CFOs keep focus on their customers, products and supply chains.

How is EXL manufacturing different.


Clients spanning multiple geos and functional area towers


Flexible delivery & cost models aligning to client needs


Advanced analytics to generate intelligent insights and drive ultra-customer centricity


Nimble and practical approach to digital transformation with demonstrable use cases


Experts in transforming enterprise-wide “decision making” by delivering data driven insights


"Data Factory” solution, a scalable insights unit to drive value, enable innovation and faster time to market

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Much has been said about the value of data in driving business and shaping customer experience recently. For the most part, companies across the board have begun addressing underlying infrastructure needs to level siloes and make data easier to ingest.
The vendor reconciliation process typically grapples with the following challenges: 1) A high volume of vendor statement reconciliation tasks 2)Volatile and dynamic inflow of vendor statements 3) High accuracy required in processing vendor statements
Across industries, the absence of an efficient vendor query and statement reconciliation portal remains to be a pertinent business problem. The vendor portals available in the market are
Shop Direct began as a catalog retailer more than 80 years ago, with the goal of “making good things more easily accessible to more people.” For decades, the arrival of this U.K. company’s catalog was a much-anticipated event, giving more than 30 million recipients the opportunity to shop for everything from shoes to sofas from the comfort of their homes—as well as flexible ways to pay for the goods.