Count on a trusted partner to transform your telehealth business

The business of telehealth is here to stay. Once a fledging care delivery option, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought telehealth operations front and center. According to Forrester, patients and healthcare providers engaged in more than 1 billion virtual care visits in 2020, a dramatic increase from a projected 36 million. As part of this paradigm shift, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has significantly expanded the number of covered telehealth services for their beneficiaries.

Telehealth companies, once considered just software providers, will need to quickly evolve into a new phase of their business operations—both as a primary care provider to patients who they see directly through virtual care visits, and as a technology and data provider to other healthcare providers.

To quickly make this transition, telehealth companies need to rely on a trusted and experienced partner.

How we can support your telehealth organization

EXL Health accelerates your ability to transform your telehealth company to meet the changing needs of today’s and tomorrow’s patients and providers. Offering an experienced team of clinicians, analytical experts, and care management technologists, we have worked with some of the largest healthcare providers and payers in the U.S. to drive innovation, cost savings, and better patient outcomes. We can do the same for you.

Data analytics for care management

As the healthcare industry transitions out of the triage of caring for COVID-19 patients, telehealth providers will soon focus more care management for chronic conditions and reaching high-risk members. With the widespread adoption of telehealth care delivery, analytics and machine learning will become key to efficacy and efficiency. Using data-driven analytics, we can help you determine the best patients to receive telehealth care, what conditions can be safely and accurately assessed using telehealth, and the overall impact of your care delivery on the health of your patients.

During the pandemic, CMS issued various directives that expanded reimbursement for telehealth providers, including reimbursement for office, hospital and other visits provided via telehealth. We can help ensure your care practices and medical coding align with CMS and other provider reimbursement rules.

We also can work with you to develop your payment integrity operations. Traditional cost containment systems were built around a face-to-face encounter with supporting medical records and related facility information. Telehealth encounters produce entirely different types and volumes of information that will need to be managed and will only grow in size and scope as telehealth sessions continue to be widely used.

EXL Health offers of a suite of data analytics services that can optimize operational efficiencies and enhance your patient experience. Our portfolio of solutions and services includes analytics, software as a service, business intelligence tools, data management, digital, and operational integration combined with the expertise of the EXL Health Data and Analytics team. We leverage real-time data to power smarter insights that lead to better medical management and increased patient satisfaction.

Leveraging data management to create new revenue streams

For telehealth companies working with healthcare providers, in the very near future software features will not be a sufficient differentiator from your competition. Data will become your competitive edge. As providers change from using telehealth services for managing chronic care rather than urgent episodes, EXL Health can prepare you to meet your client’s data needs.

Using our EXL Healthcare data management services, we can help you develop a data strategy, establish governance rules to ensure data integrity, and institute tool-agnostic data management capabilities. We can build an enterprise architecture that will transform disparate data into a trusted, strategic asset to help you realize new revenue streams such as IP licensing fees or providing data analysis to improve patient outcomes, quality and risk scores.

Accelerate your transformation with our proprietary technology

We offer three proprietary technology platforms and application modules that will accelerate the transformation of your telehealth business model to meet the future needs of both your business operations and your patients:

Our population health analytics platform combines an analytics engine, descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics models, member 360° profiles, interoperability with APIs, workflow integrations, and action-based interactive reporting packages.

Our analytics-enabled care management platform provides telehealth care providers with efficient, compliant, and automated case management and utilization management workflows. This gives you a mechanism to engage with patients to build relationships and encourage continual care.

Our risk adjustment and quality software solution delivers data transparency to close care gaps, improve provider efficiency, and optimize revenue.

Our approach in working together

With every EXL Health engagement, we take a consultative approach to fully understand your current needs and to develop innovative solutions for your telehealth business. Our goal is to nurture a long-term partnership to help you successfully grow and expand your telehealth offering to meet this dynamic and fast-moving market.

Contact us today to learn how EXL Health can help transform your telehealth services.



Prasad Dindigal

VP, Healthcare & Life Sciences, EXL Health