An Efficient Personalized Reporting Solution Delivered Through EXLCIP



This leading pharmaceutical company specializing in immunotherapies products was seeking Insights and timely delivery of relevant and accurate sales force data from multiple data sources along with integrated reporting solutions. Their main objectives were:

  • Track the performance of the client’s sales force through personalized reports within a managed service to minimize the effort requirement by the client’s team
  • Improve integration of multiple data sources into a Data Warehouse, automated processing and weekly/monthly delivery of accurate data in PowerBI reports to the end users

Human Ingenuity in Action

EXL through its EXLCIPTM (EXL Commercial Intelligence Platform) enabled integration of multiple data sources into a data warehouse with fully automated processes to ingest and process the updated data on a weekly and monthly basis. Multiple security layers to determine individual user access to relevant data through PowerBI reports.

Key Features:

  • Personalized Reporting - Only relevant data displayed to the end users based on their position within the team
    • Security layer decides what data should be displayed to the end users
    • Proprietary web application, reporting solution, enables further authentication checks & additional features
  • Timeliness - Integrated data was made available within 24 hours of data source availability, enabling sales teams to base their decisions on relevant and accurate information
  • Flexibility - Prompt completion of report design and processed enable changes to release to the end users within a few days. User administration processes enable onboarding or off boarding the users within 24 hours, controlling PowerBI licensing cost


  • Key insights from multiple data sources, tailored to users’ job roles and geography delivered through EXLCIP™
  • Automated data ingestion and report generation eliminated error-prone & time-consuming manual “data wrangling”
  • Integrated Prescription, CRM and Payor data gives better insights into customer and payor behaviour, driving improved customer & payor engagement segmentation, target setting & incentivization, and enables monitoring of resulting performance
  • Success of the project is reflected by the measure of the number of users of the PowerBI reporting solution, which has increased by 240% within 18 months of go-live, with 60% to 70% of users across all departments accessing the reports each quarter