EXL health delivered one harmonized and locally relevant source of truth through its EXLCIP™

Client profile

A top 3 Pharmaceutical company headquartered in Europe.

Client need

A leading pharmaceutical company was struggling to solve its issues with sales and marketing reporting that delivered poor insights resulting affecting business performance. The client needed a single, comprehensive and locally relevant business intelligence solution across Europe.


  • Heavily invested in an underutilized sales and marketing data reporting platform
  • No single, comprehensive BI solution across Europe
  • No standard reports, definitions or visualizations driven by country-specific regulations and cultural issues.


  • EXL Health delivered a customized solution enabling insights and actions to improve business performance using EXLCIP™
  • Aggregated fragmented pharma sales and marketing data from multiple sources
  • Enabled global alignment across countries
  • More readily facilitated cross country comparisons
  • Designed to scale and adapted as the business changes, providing users with access to information they didn’t previously have

30% saving on the overall costs was achieved, by removing local sprawl of inconsistent systems to a common harmonized platform.