Rapid database upgrades in a changing healthcare environment


A large U.S. health system needed to revise its databases to include COVID-19 specific information for reporting to the government and payers.

Human Ingenuity in Action

EXL Health upgraded the databases to handle the surge of online appointments, new test centers, and new treatment facilities. Additionally, EXL Health delivered a new predictive model project for service improvements to increase patient traffic during this pandemic.

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By partnering with EXL Health, the health system quickly upgraded their databases for COVID-specific details, as well as implementing new claims and provider management systems. These new implementations, along with current deliverables, were met on time. Collaborating with the client, EXL Health also proactively delivered a new predictive model project for service improvement to increase patient footfall, thereby opening a new avenue for future predictive modeling projects. Online services and surveys transition requirements were fulfilled for client, showing EXL Health’s strength to help the health system handle any new changes with efficiency and quality.

Why EXL Health?

EXL Health combines deep domain expertise with analytic insights and technology-enabled services to transform how care is delivered, managed, and paid. Leveraging Human Ingenuity, we collaborate with our clients to solve complex problems and enhance their performance with nimble, scalable solutions. With data on more than 260 million lives, we work with hundreds of organizations across the healthcare ecosystem.

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