Analytics and AI solutions for seamless covid-19 vaccinations

The COVID-19 vaccine rollout created several unique challenges for healthcare payers. Whether using an integrated vaccine delivery center, contracting with a third-party delivery center, or relying on the government for scheduling appointments, payers struggle with:

  • Identifying members at high risk of COVID or prioritizing those who should receive the vaccine
  • Lack of accurate member education on the vaccine and COVID-19 resulting in vaccine reluctance
  • Contact centers unable to handle incoming call volumes or member outreach to schedule vaccinations
  • Missed follow-ups with members to capture adverse events, offer clinical support for post-vaccination queries, and provide reminders for second doses
  • Members struggling with scheduling vaccine appointments due to technology constraints or difficulty navigating the health system
  • Members having difficulties reaching vaccine delivery location due to social factors, such as lack of transportation

EXL Health’s advanced analytics and licensed clinical contact center solutions can help solve these issues and provide members with a seamless vaccine experience.

Centralized data repository and analytics

  • Assists payers with identifying members prioritized for vaccination using CDC guidelines
  • Proprietary benchmark and analytics identify high-risks populations, as well as health histories and SDoH preventing members from receiving the vaccine

Contact centers Use cases augmented by conversational AI

  • Can handle member’s outreach and inbound calls, freeing up human employee capacity and enabling handling high call volumes
  • Proactively reach out to members to educate on vaccine risk, cost, and alleviate eligibility concerns
  • Provide easy tools for automatically checking vaccine eligibility, scheduling appointments, and identifying easily accessible delivery locations
  • Follow-up outreach to educate members, capture adverse events, and schedule second doses of the vaccine
Data Repository