Employer reporting for brokers

Help employers solver their most complex problems

Employer groups need you to help them navigate the healthcare ecosystem and achieve optimal outcomes. Measuring and managing cost, quality, and productivity is truly a balancing act, and brokers and advisors need a strong foundation.

A foundation that can empower you to successfully guide employers to manage their risks and drive outcomes.

Reimagine your employer reporting experience with EXLVantageTM

With intelligence-driven action you can help employers improve quality and cost while taking a member-centric, whole-person approach to healthcare.

Help employers solver their most complex problems

With EXL Health you can focus on analyzing curated insights, making decisions, and driving actions while we take care of the rest.


Help employers solve their most complex problems

Overwhelmed with complexities of data?

Our solution offers a Comprehensive Data Strategy & Longitudinal 360° View so you can trust your data and save internal team effort.

On your behalf we:

  • Integrate data in any available format
  • Build a robust data warehouse as your single source of truth
  • Accelerate data refresh and reduce data lag with our big data platform
  • Handle complex data agreements
  • Manage data intake & acquisition across all your sources
  • Standardize data across all sources and employer groups
  • Build in data quality and hence credibility in delivered insights
  • Enrich Longitudinal Employee 360-view driven by evidence-based transparent & configurable clinical library
  • Include disease profile analysis across 80+ categories and diagnosis groupers
  • Show cost and utilization KPIs across 90+ categories to find hot spots
  • Measure compliance across 450+ measures including preventative screenings, chronic care gaps and medication adherence
  • Evaluate performance with your or our robust benchmark classification
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Harness the power of data with comprehensive 4V data strategy & enrichment

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Need an easier way to identify current as well as future savings & ways to improve outcomes?

Our solution uses artificial intelligence & clinical expertise to demonstrate current & future savings for each of your employer groups.

Addressing cost & quality levers across the healthcare value chain

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Building a healthier & more productive workforce using artificial intelligence & healthcare expertise

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Need curated insights to make decisions and drive actions?

Our action-based insights and recommendations drive efficient and accurate decisions, enabling health plans to show value while driving actions and outcomes.


Our assets are your strengths. Automated self-serve, persona-based insights & reports nurture transparency and collaboration. The intuitive action-based views enable prioritizing areas of focus, boosted user experience, and speed to action. And, you have the ability to export reports into your branded template in PowerPoint, Word, or PDF formats.

Access to rapid insights

Access to rapid insights

Need to find the right personalized population health initiatives and show ROI?

Our tool helps identify cohorts for interventions as well as help:

  • Identify the right areas of focus
  • Create and compare cohorts
  • Measure outcomes across cost, quality, risk, and demonstrate ROI using credible statistical methodologies

We go beyond basic risk stratification by identifying who is most impactable & what care should be delivered, in priority order

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Need freedom for your analysts to do their own analysis & reporting?

Empower your teams to build their own analytics and reporting. Glean action-based insights with ready-to-use KPIs to tell your own story.

Need freedom for your analysts to do their own analysis & reporting?

Want to drive innovation with digital health?

Select initiatives and integrate digital member engagement solutions. These could be internal solutions or from the partner ecosystem to drive digital member engagement and interoperability.

Want to drive innovation with digital health?

Want to acquire & retain clients with a reimagined experience?

Our solution enables you to get ahead of the curve and compete successfully.

Empower your clients with:

  • Best-in-class integrated data, analytics, and reporting platform.
  • Real-time, persona-based report access to foster transparency and trust.
  • Curated insights to focus on action and outcomes for profitable growth.
  • Prepackaged quarterly and annual packages to tell your story and show plan value.
  • Member-centric approach to health to drive outcomes by putting data to action.
  • Improved employee and dependent health plan satisfaction with employer outcomes and customer satisfaction.