EXL™ Customer 360 Insights

Deepen agent and customer relationships with our generative AI-powered insights engine

Addressing ever-evolving customer needs and driving agent/advisor performance is critical to success in today’s dynamic, hyper-competitive insurance industry. Achieving this requires real-time data monitoring and analysis to generate actionable insights. That requires collecting data from multiple touchpoints, designing triggers for next best actions based on customer journeys, and designing tailored product offerings.

EXL™ Customer 360 Insights is a one stop solution for data integration, cutting edge analytics and real time intelligence. By integrating both customer and agent data, profiles, and prebuilt analytics modules created using our deep domain expertise, this solution helps carriers maximize agent productivity and make better decisions at every step of the customer’s journey.

EXL™ Customer 360 Insights can be easily deployed within your existing cloud environment. The solution currently includes pre-built customer, & agent analytics use cases for Property & Casualty, Life & Annuities insurers and Healthcare organizations, amongst others.

Key solution features

Data integration

Ingests and enriches data from multiple sources, on a secure Cloud or on-premise environment. Integrates external and internal data flows in a cloud repository that enables real-time insights easily integrated into applications using cloud architecture.

  • Provides a comprehensive view of the customer and/or agent by breaking siloes to bring together structured and unstructured data on demographics, life events, behaviours, social media, and apps. Unlocks the power of generative AI to create synthetic data, wherever required
  • Creates insights based on data catalogue of over 500 internal data points, 2,000 keywords, and 6,000 external attributes
  • Enrich customerand/or agent profiles by providing relevant behavioural context
  • Identify gaps and friction points in customer journeys and agent relationships
  • Reduces turnaround time by 30%

Single view of a customer or agent

  • Harmonizes data across multiple platforms using machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) for identity resolution, record matching, deduplication, and merge-purge to provide a single customer golden record
  • Generates a single source of truth that can be tracked, monitored, and enriched over time
  • Provides quick results using predefined rules to improve merge rate by 20%
  • Reduces feature engineering time by 50%

Insights and outcomes

Advanced analytics enablement serves as an insight-generating engine leveraging pre-built, self-learning, AI-powered models to generate a variety of customer and agent scores including cross-sell, up-sell, propensity to lapse, propensity to sell, and next best actions. Analytics-based insights enable carriers to design targeted marketing campaigns and better influence customers.

  • Prebuilt modules accelerate the process of preparing data for modelling and reduces development time by 60%
  • Automated model training, validation, and selection saves time and speeds up insight generation
  • Identifies the right touchpoints to enhance engagement and nurture relationships
  • Improves agent performance using data to suggest next best actions and customer leads
  • Optimizes finance and operations outcomes
  • Leverages generative AI powered conversational layer to deliver on-demand, real-time customer / agent intelligence to marketing, sales and operations teams, amongst others

Value to you

Speed to market: See value quickly with pre-built modules and analytics use cases for Property & Casualty,Life & Annuities insurers and Healthcare organizations, amongst others

Improved outcomes: Deliver better outcomes with highly accurate “next best actions” and optimal no. of touchpoints, driven by an industry catalogues of critical data attributes and a sophisticated AI-powered scoring engine.

Time to value: Accelerated decision making with generative AI powered on-demand customer/agent intelligence

Highly flexible: Choose from a set of modular capabilities that can be customized to your business needs

To learn more about this solution, contact EXL at customer360.insights@exlservice.com.