Accelerate AI-infused customer experiences

Accelerating customer experience to the next level with EXL and Amelia through the conversation AI solution, EXL EXELIA.AI™

Delivering effective, empathic customer interactions has never been more important. Achieving this at scale and speed is the gold standard for large enterprises—and AI will be the key enabler for this step-change.

A new consumer age is emerging, and with it comes a new set of priorities and preferences. Thanks to Amazon, Netflix, and Spotify, Gen-Z and millennials have grown up with personalized offerings and immediate experiences as standard.

ImageHyper-convenient service is simply expected; interactions that don’t match up may well be the last ones with that brand. Whether it's shoe or insurance consumers are buying, experience counts. And conversational AI sits at the heart of it.

The global conversational AI market is expected to grow from$4.8 billion in 2020 to $13.9 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 21.9%1. So, where should the CX leaders start their journey? EXL proposes its scalable solution, EXL EXELIA.AI™, powered by Amelia, as the next step to delivering outstanding AI-infused customer experiences. EXL EXELIA.AI™ offers conversational AI capability which can be fully deployed and driving tangible value in just 90 days.


Guiding principles for introducing AI-infused customer experiences

The right enterprise mindset is a must for successful implementation. EXL defines a number of guiding principles that underpin the optimal approach:

A. AI is central to customer experience – Gartner cited AI as the number one customer experience trend in 20203 and, with at least one in three customer service interactions predicted to be AI-infused in the next year or two, AI is no longer a “nice to have” initiative. It’s here, and it is already shaping the future of how enterprises and customers interact. Organizational readiness, meaningful investment, and momentum are key.

Image 2B. ‘Free choice’ replaces the turing test as the critical litmus – Customers and end-users are already understanding the role of AI and accepting its ubiquity. But the long-term goal is for customers to actively choose an AI-infused experience —and every effective human like interaction driven by conversational AI smooths the path.

C. The benefits of AI-infused customer experience go far beyond cost – Organisations that are implementing AI-driven customer experience solutions with only cost reduction in mind are missing the point and failing to capture swathes of additional value, like minimizing friction, improving customer sentiment and retention, and, crucially, shoring up operational resilience and driving transformation in the wider organization.

D. Transformation, not automation – AI-infused customer experiences, when driven by solutions like Exelia.AI™, have the power to transform the customer service function, not simply automate it. Bigger-picture thinking is a must.

E. This is a learning journey – Just as business leaders are learning and adapting, so is the AI solution, with machine learning constantly enhancing its performance. Transformations of these kinds are no “big bang”, no matter how profound the business benefits. They are an evolutionary, scale-and-expand process, powered by machine learning, insights, and leadership.

Four steps to deliver AI-infused customer experiences within 3 months

Across industries, all organizations currently have a major opportunity to transform the customer experience with conversational AI and, at the same time, build operational resilience and deliver excellence. Those that commit to this learning journey with conversational AI can start reaping benefits in as little as 3 months with EXL EXELIA.AI™. EXL defines four steps to delivering exemplary AI-infused customer experiences, at speed:

STEP 1: Set the right objectives

A conversational AI solution provides clear automation and cost reduction opportunities, but the real game-changer is a transformed customer experience—the ability to gauge customer intent, being consistently fast to respond, and delivering empathetic interactions that customers would choose time and again.

Image 3STEP 2: Identify the use cases

The good news is that the use cases for our AI-infused customer experience solution are wide-ranging and varied. For example:

  • Initial authentication and user validation
  • Multiple data capturing elements in an interaction
  • General queries like billing inquiries, status change, updating information, etc.

STEP 3: Design a holistic customer journey map

Build a 360º customer point of view to cover all possible touch-points. Clearly define priority metrics (speed and efficacy, outcomes, and customer sentiment) to track progress, ensure adoption, and deliver business value.

STEP 4: Start a small scale and scale fast

A conversational AI solution like EXL EXELIA.AI™ can be deployed non-intrusively and can demonstrate tangible business value within 3 months, making it possible for companies to start with a single-use case and scale it across the enterprise —in an accelerated manner—as they wish. This enables data asset creation to drive future insights.

Why Exelia.AI™?Image 5

EXL EXELIA.AI™ is powered by Amelia’s industry-leading conversational AI technology and is a fully scalable solution that can be non-intrusively integrated into legacy systems. Features include access in over 100 languages and the ability to shift seamlessly between languages in a single interaction, as well as pre-packaged industry norms and keywords, which enable the enterprise to get the solution up and running quickly.

Compelling results from Exelia.AI™ integrations include 10-12% improvement in overall customer service, 30-40% contact deflection from human agents, and up to 25% reduction in cost to serve.


Embrace AI-infused customer experience with EXL EXELIA.AI™

In a recent webinar, EXL and Amelia explored conversational AI in the context of building a digital workforce and delivering the kind of service interactions customers would actively choose.

The webinar recording is available to watch and provides inspiring examples of how this ground-breaking technology is being experienced today, and what it is capable of delivering in the future.

The time for AI-infused customer experience is now. EXL's EXL EXELIA.AI™ offers boundless possibilites for transforming the customer experience function and for harnessing the power of data and machine learning to drive superior customer service and meaningful business results, fast.

If you would like to discuss AI-infused customer experiences and find out how EXL EXELIA.AI™ could unlock value for your organization, contact us to learn more.

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