Creating a successful risk management framework for point-of-sale financing

As more consumers expect the flexibility to pay for purchases over time, the buy-now-pay-later financing market is expected to grow annually by 40%+. And, as point-of-sale (POS) financing begins to play a more important role in consumer credit options and fintechs continue to quickly bring solutions to the market, traditional issuers are more focused than ever to develop their POS lending strategies to meet consumer and merchant needs.

However, regulatory oversight is also growing, and as traditional banks already operate under tighter lending standards, we have developed risk playbooks to help our clients create a risk management framework for POS financing and succeed in this fast-growing market.

Read the latest white paper from EXL to discover:

  • Unique challenges lenders commonly face with POS financing
  • Five strategies for lenders to consider when designing a risk framework for POS financing


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