Data as the driver of speed to value

How advanced analytics are helping companies thrive in the millisecond economy

Remember when macroeconomic trends used to develop gradually over the course of years? When sales cycles evolved predictably over weeks and months? When customer experience was built over the course of dozens of face-to-face encounters? Today, these can all shift wildly in fractions of a second. We live in a world where once-in-a-lifetime geopolitical events, massive supply chain disruptions and volatile economic cycles have become routine. Along the way, nearly every touch point, interaction, and experience with a company’s end customer has shifted online or to digital channels – and the effects of that shift will be with us forever.

Against this backdrop, businesses need to be able to adapt quickly, form instantaneous connections with consumers and predict the next move before it’s too late. The difference between those that thrive and those that are left behind in this fast-moving marketplace: real-time data, powerful analytics solutions and the technology infrastructure to turn insights into action. In this paper we’ll outline the data-led best practices businesses need to follow to survive in the millisecond economy.

Read the latest white paper from EXL to discover:

  • How organizations are leveraging data and analytics solutions to solve pressing challenges
  • Real-world application of advanced analytics that help predict trends, deliver better customer experiences and streamline workflows
  • Data-led best practices that leaders can apply across any industry to thrive in the millisecond economy


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