Why you need a modern cloud-based data infrastructure

Whether you’re adopting new cloud technologies or looking for a more efficient way to connect disparate legacy software and data, you need a modern, cloud-based platform to connect all your on-premises and cloud applications that will translate to real-time insights.

Applications and data sources continue to multiply exponentially as technologies and business processes evolve at a rapid rate. At the same time, maintaining legacy applications and integrations is costly to the company. It’s become impossibly cumbersome and expensive to manage, synchronize, replicate, ingest and store data with legacy integration platforms.

With SnapLogic’s modern cloud-based integration platform strategically deployed by EXL, you can retire costly outdated software, reallocate your developers from building and maintaining on-premises integrations towards developing new business applications, and drive new avenues of revenue.

How SnapLogic and EXL can help

Your business should not have to compromise from your use of legacy technologies, risking customer satisfaction and churn. EXL’s cloud data experts can develop a strategic roadmap to modernize your data architecture built on SnapLogic, empowering you to address your need for a modern infrastructure and uncover new opportunities to deliver higher value to your customers and colleagues.