Insurance Analytics Leadership Exchange (IALE): An Insurance Analytics Experience and Thought Collective
A Thought Leadership Community

Working with carriers across the globe, EXL Service identified an opportunity to create a platform to encourage this much needed collaboration. The Insurance Analytics Leadership Exchange (IALE) serves as a community-based online resource for companies seeking strategic advantages and transforming their insurance practices through innovative data analytics solutions. IALE incorporates powerful perspectives and ideas from leading insurance experts and practitioners to help readers remain at the cutting edge of knowledge and thinking, to become more successful leaders and to improve the efficiency of their organizations. The aim is to provide a platform for insurance experts and industry leaders to publish original content in a variety of formats, such as posts, blogs, white papers, podcasts and videos to share insights.

  1. Candid insights towards the effective use of data and analytics
  2. Observations on the critical internal and external data drivers
  3. Use-cases/discussions on the latest AI and ML technological innovations
  4. Stories on how consumer behavior data is being leveraged by the agents and carriers
IALE: Driving C-suite collaborative thought leadership in the Insurance Landscape
We are proud to launch this initiative in collaboration with Dr. Belhe. As a data and analytics service provider, EXL intends to establish and grow an active thought leadership community in the insurance analytics landscape through the IALE forum.
~ Vivek Jetley, EVP and Head of Analytics for EXL
The dynamic global macroeconomic conditions, evolving regulations, and ever-growing volume of data have created an ongoing need for analytics insights across the different segments of the insurance value chain. This forum strives to be a great community-backed resource for carriers that seek innovative data analytics solutions to drive strategic advantages and transform their insurance practice.
~ Dr. Upendra Belhe, Strategic Advisor to EXL

While many Insurance industry players, such as service providers, carriers and distributors, have taken independent strides in the direction of proliferating the use of data and analytics, their collective wisdom is disjointed and lacks collaboration.

IALE fills this void and we know that when insurance executives read and exchange notes, they're spending time and attention- their most precious resources. We therefore encourage only to discuss patterns, processes and hypotheses that fuel the effective use of data analytics in insurance on a daily basis.

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