What we do

Clients cite EXL’s strong track record of helping insurers streamline operations, manage risk, improve customer retention, and launch new products.

Policy Acquisition
We transform the customer acquisition journey, helping insurers create experiences that delight prospects and produce deeper relationships, driving profitable revenue growth.
  • Customer experience
  • New business processing
  • Customer channel and agency analytics
  • Digital acquisition
Policy Underwriting
We are uniquely suited to help our clients make sense of their data. We aggregate and analyze end-to-end data for insights that enhance insurer underwriting effectiveness.
Policy Servicing
We apply analytics, advanced automation and robotics to make processes as cost effective as possible, an approach that has gained recognition in the industry.
  • Policy processing
  • Contact center
  • Billing and collections
  • Operations analytics
Claims Management
We make your adjusters’ lives easier by alleviating the burden of administrative tasks and allowing them to focus on core-to-claim items, ultimately reducing your loss ratio.

Digital intelligence is the foundation of everything we do, and inspires our ideas and research.

Real results

For businesses that aren't satisfied by good enough, or profitable enough, we use Digital Intelligence to deliver real results. 

Why exl
Digital transformation strengthened by deep knowledge of insurance.

With many leading insurers as clients, we have a firm grasp on the industry and where it’s going.

We use our deep understanding of the customer journey and next-gen technology to help insurers leverage their data to identify and understand who to target, why products resonate, how to secure customer loyalty, and how to optimize the claims experience.

For EXL, outcomes don’t end with combined ratios. We partner with you to improve your bottom line and your customer’s experience, an increasingly important metric in an industry facing disruption from insuretech start-ups.

7 of the top 10
property & casualty insurers partner with EXL
Leader and Star Performer
in Everest Group's "Property and Casualty Insurance BPO PEAK Matrix Assessment 2019”
point solutions across the value chain using disruptive technology and analytics
Accreditation and Certification 

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