A US based leading financial corporation providing services across the globe

Business Case

Client had basic systems in place to prioritize the best content for digital marketing and send it to customers on a fixed schedule. Modernization opportunities existed in form of making the content selection dynamic and customized, increasing system flexibility, and ensuring the right order and frequency of content delivery

Modernizing Digital Marketing using a mix of Decision Science Frameworks and Machine Learning


  • 15% Increase in total contact volume
  • 10% Predicted increase in customer engagement

EXL Analytics Solution

Delivered an end-to-end, automated system to enhance digital marketing performance

Content Selection

  • Created a machine-learning system that identifies the best content for each customer at any point in time based on how the customer has reacted to various content types historically as well as changes in customer behavior and persona

System Flexibility

  • Converted the existing rule based system that was updated every 6 months to a score based system that updates every 2 weeks
  • Added easily configurable levers to for key components to allow rapid response to changing business requirements

Order and Frequency

  • Analyzed customer response to various arrangements of content to create penalty/reward logic for repetitive /diverse content respectively
  • Developed a decision science framework to identify the right frequency for each customer that balances return (engagement) with risk (optouts)

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