EXL had partnered with The Standard to help optimize operations for their sales, servicing, and compliance functions. In March of 2020, these operations were about to be completely disrupted by COVID-19. Through rapid collaboration and communication, EXL and The Standard navigated transitioning processes from an office setting to a remote environment.

COVID-19 could have seriously disrupted our operations. By working together in partnership with EXL, we got to the heart of the potential problems and dealt with them. That’s the way we should be working - stay focused on the most important thing, without getting stuck in the weeds.

AJ Ijaz | Vice President of Retirement Plans, The Standard

A Quick Pivot

Like all partnerships between companies, EXL and The Standard were bound by legal agreements governing what, how and where work was performed. These agreements would have to be changed to account for the shift from company facilities to working from home. Both organizations quickly brought their legal teams together and these agreements were changed within a week.

Little Interruption

Because EXL and The Standard saw the pandemic coming and anticipated its effects, the companies were able to limit its impact. A sense of urgency in ensuring business continuity paid off by getting the company set up to work from home in record time.

Lockdowns were coming into effect across the different locations where EXL operated. Rather than wait for these regulations to come into effect and respond reactively, the company proactively sent its IT and business teams to enable work-from-home capabilities for the processes most essential for The Standard’s operations.

From there, these initial teams were ramped up until nearly 100% of operations were taking place remotely. This foresight and quick thinking meant that the services provided to The Standard never completely stopped.

Back Up and Running

Naturally, there were some challenges with making such a large shift. For instance, moving call center operations from an office location to employee homes, along with a surge in overall call volume led to longer than average call wait times for many customers. In short order these issues were addressed and wait times were back within service levels within just a few days of implementing our WFH strategy.

EXL and The Standard’s partnership has always been defined by collaboration, foresight, and speed – qualities that allowed both companies to overcome the obstacles presented by COVID-19 and keep operating efficiently.

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