Hyperautomation CoE

Orchestrating multiple technologies & automation tools

EXL’s Hyperautomation approach combines the power of Automation, AI and Analytics, and orchestrates these levers on Cloud to accelerate digital transformation. Our focus is to shift the business from people-intensive legacy OS to a future ready, thin human AI Operating System (AI:OS).

EXL’s Hyperautomation CoE takes enterprises a step closer to AI:OS. It is a cohesive automation suite that:

  • Marries different digital transformation tools
  • Consists of highly modular, cloud-enabled, pre-built accelerators and solutions
  • Executes with speed for optimum business and customer outcomes
  • Enables end-to-end digital transformation at scale

How is EXL Hyperautomation different?

The solution is step ahead in moving away from Human:OS to AI:OS

Helps progressing from Automating Process maps to Digitizing E2E Data flows.

Our Hyperautomation CoE led transformation:

  • Delivers 50-100% higher returns than traditional automation
  • Enables shift from input-based commercial models to ROI-led models
  • Offers scale and flexibility


  • 20-30% higher YoY impact
  • 3-4X ROI
  • 10-20X more data available for advanced analytics
  • 30-40% benefit on Ops spend in a steady state

3 step framework

EXL’s uses a defined 3 step framework from discovery to execution for successful hyperautomation program outcomes.

3 Step Hyperautomation