Digital CoEs

Digital CoEs- designed to deliver value

Powered by industry specific digital solutions, customer engagement channels, technology integrators, solution accelerators, data lakes and a robust infrastructure, our Digital CoEs enable agile and intelligent operations to augment customer experiences, drive powerful business outcomes, create cost efficiencies and accelerate growth for enterprises across the capabilities matrix, from evolving to mature and finally to optimized levels.

How are EXL Digital CoEs different.

The technology and data layers within our Digital CoEs are fostered by a strong talent and partnership ecosystem, combined with pertinent digital methodology layers to drive targeted digital transformation. 

  • Defining what an internal CoE should look like for clients
  • Discovery to outline key business drivers and outcomes
  • Collaborating to rationalize existing portfolio of applications and infrastructure
  • Building a roadmap for outcome-based capability leverage
  • Collaborating with client teams to build, launch and operationalize