British Gas sought to find ways of providing quality customer experiences while reducing costs per customer. One of the key issues affecting performance for the organisation was increasing consumer debt.

Company leaders knew that they had improve performance on debt collections. To do this, company needed to:

  • Substantially drive down the cost of collections
  • Embed analytics in each and every aspect of their credit strategy to either prevent customers from going into debt, or optimise debt collection
  • Build a fit-for-future lean operating model by removing siloes
  • Review debt from a holistic lens to be more actionable and customer centric
  • Remove redundancies and streamline legacy processes for early resolution


EXL has extensive experience in credit strategy, bringing data and domain expertise together to generate insights. Our expertise in credit and collections, intelligent workflows, and analytics, combined with our deep domain experience in the energy and utilities industry, enabled us to develop an intelligent operating model that brought maximum gains with minimal disruption.


A team of data and domain experts was deployed at the client’s location to assess more than 900 processes managed by the client’s credit and collection function. The team used EXL’s proprietary BluePRINTTM framework to create an intelligent operating model. This model focused on several areas.


British Gas is now positioned to improve debt performance while reducing the cost of operations. EXL is currently working British Gas to implement their proprietary Management Information Assistant program to utilise advanced analytics, intelligent processing, and artificial intelligence to generate real-time insights focussed on preventing customers going into debt as well optimising debt collection efforts.


Reduction in exisiting cost of operations

Real-time insights through

EXL’s Management Information Assistant

“After a period of due diligence, we set off on the transition with very aggressive timelines, governed by our on shore requirements. The EXL team took on this challenge, and delivered a transition of over 500 processes in a time period <2 months , which was an immense achievement. Post transition, we are now seeing the true benefit of this piece of work – significant business cost saving , improved processes and less complexity, and analytical capability which, working with our on shore teams, is improving what we do, how we do it, and what our customers expect from us. The experience the team have brought, and the breadth of knowledge they have across all British Gas functions is breaking down barriers and allowing us to deliver significant changes to what we do. This is only the start of what is a very exciting partnership”

- Matt Smithies, British Gas Residential Collections Performance Head


Based on the strategic process reviews, EXL was able to identify opportunities to reduce 56% of existing cost of operations, identify multiple use cases to embed intelligence into credit operations, prevent customers going into debt, and optimise collection efforts. The initial list of over 900 processes was reduced to over 400 through due diligence focused on the removal of obsolete and duplicate activities.

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