Analytics-Driven Subrogation Ecosystem to Drive Expense from Your Organization

  • Touchstone Select: Identification models and customized Triage
  • Touchstone Arbitration: Advanced tools for improved arbitration outcomes
  • Touchstone UM: Change the game for uninsured motorist recovery

How is EXL Subrosource different.
Recovery platform for both subrogation and salvage
Embedded analytics to identify and score files for recovery probability
Analytics-driven Contention Builder that improves adjuster efficiency
Improved win rates in both applicant and response arbitrations
Governed triage and workflow process, putting the highest probability files into a path that will have the highest yield
Claims management system for higher yield claims
In cases involving uninsured or underinsured parties, EXL has an entire vendor management process that does the heavy lifting, freeing up carrier staff to focus on higher probability cases
EXL’s Industry Leading Recovery Ecosystem
What We Do

EXL’s Subrosource is an industry leading subrogation recovery platform with embedded lifecycle analytics. Subrosource creates value in the identification of opportunities, assignment of recovery strategies and automated execution of recovery steps. The platform enables an efficient service ecosystem for recovery processing and automated demand generation. Subrosource caters to both subrogation for auto insurance and subrogation for property insurance.

EXL can solve for the entire subrogation claim lifecycle. We can bundle and unbundle our solution depending upon a carrier’s needs. EXL has a subrogation ecosystem with improved customer experience for the policy holder, automation, and tools for adjusters for improved decision making, effectively and seamlessly connecting the supply chain for vendors while at the same time driving deep, efficient and improved outcomes for the carrier team.

Subrosource utilizes embedded analytics throughout the lifecycle of a claim. Beginning at FNOL, files are scored for OPID and triaged to recommended recovery paths. Adjusters, whether you handle the subrogation or outsource to us, will utilize proven methodologies to optimize negotiation strategies.

• 10% recovery improvement
• 30% productivity gains
• 25% cycle time improvement 

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Beyond the platform, EXL is a leader in arbitration services. Our Contention Builder provides an immediate lift, improving efficiencies, as well as winning percentages with the use of embedded analytics, predictive modeling and advanced analytics.

• Over 50,000 applicant and
  respondent arbitrations filed annually
• Delivered over $250M over last 3

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UM Clearinghouse
UM clearinghouse leverages analytics to identify these high volume, low yield recoveries that take valuable time away from your staff. Our process gives you the ability to leverage our network of resources to focus on these files, freeing up your staff to collect on higher yield opportunities.

• Rotational Placement
• Top recoveries in the industry
• We manage the process for your team

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Property Clearinghouse
Property Clearinghouse provides an immediate lift on property claims and automated claims processing by providing support and claims analytics so adjusters can focus on customer service and resolution. Our team works in tandem to secure and preserve evidence within three days of loss. Our process is supported by EXL’s Property Triage technology to move files efficiently through the recovery process. 

• Preserve evidence
• Manage C&O
• Improve recoveries by as much as
• Very low management overhead

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Why Subrosource?
  • Largest non-carrier subrogation analytics driven platform with 1,200 users
  • $1.5B processed annually, several multi-nation carriers, two of the top five US PL carriers
  • Connected to 300+ vendors, attorneys and carriers
  • 50,000+ arbitrations filed annually
  • Deployed globally, with multi-language and multi-currency capability
  • Minimal or no IT effort involved. Easy to integrate with multiple claim systems, or can be used as a standalone



Christopher V Tidball

Vice President - Sales and Claims Transformation Strategy

Chris' career has spanned 25 years, from field adjuster to claims executive with leading insurers AIG and Progressive Insurance. Chris is the author of multiple books, both fiction and non-fiction, including Re-Adjusted: Taking Your Claims Organization from Ordinary to Extraordinary! He is a graduate of Arizona State University, a Senior Claims Law Associate and Six Sigma Black Belt. He can be reached at or (904) 742-9031.

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