Comply with CECL standards using TransUnion & EXL’s tool



The TransUnion CECL Credit Loss CalculatorSM with EXL provides an integrated, flexible, turnkey solution designed for any financial entity. From data preparation to building auditable regulatory reports, this tool will help you meet the tight implementation timeline and intricate provisions of CECL regulations.



Product Features

The TransUnion CECL Credit Loss CalculatorSM with EXL is a truly scalable solution to CECL implementation, simplifying challenges from the execution of asset-specific CECL models, quick validation of modeling data, Segmentation, Q-factors adjustments, computation of CECL reserves all the way to preparation of final regulatory reports

Cloud-based platform

The TransUnion CECL Credit Loss CalculatorSM with EXL is a secure, easy-to-use web-based solution. No integration with the core platform is required, eliminating the hassle of changing existing technology and analytical infrastructure.

Easy data ingestion

The TransUnion CECL Credit Loss CalculatorSM with EXL works on your own data either imported from TransUnion or uploaded directly by users. Customer-reported data from TransUnion saves you trouble of collecting your own data and fitting it into rigid data templates.

Variants of Loss Forecasting Models

Our data scientists have devised multiple statistical modeling approaches that suit CECL requirements depending upon portfolio size, data limitation, loss rates (e.g. simpler framework for smaller / run-off portfolios). There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach; EXL helps you to analyze multiple methodologies to find optimal solution.

Q-factors adjustment

Under CECL guidelines, Q - factors adjustment are a big challenge. We provide a structured approach to quantify the qualitative factors for consistency and objectivity depending upon various scenario analysis, historical estimate deviation, and other elements.

CECL reporting

The EXL TransUnion’s CECL Credit Loss Calculator produces an elegant, management and auditor-ready report, summarizing various loan loss analyses.




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