Vulnerability and Mental Health - Smart Conversations with Nalin Miglani, Episode 3

Confounded by disruption and uncertainty in these unprecedented times, people are feeling vulnerable about a lot of things, which is leading to stress and anxiety and impacting their mental health.

In this edition of Smart Conversation, Nalin brings together a distinguished panel of guests that has been living and addressing vulnerabilities of multiple kinds in the face of Coronavirus challenge. They are Garen Staglin, Chairman, EXL and Founder, One Mind, Rohit Kapoor, CEO and Vice Chairman, EXL and Deborah Kerr, Director of several Boards including EXL.

The conversation addresses important questions on:

  • How can you cope with vulnerability?
  • How can a CEO stay centered in a crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic?
  • What constitutes a healthy state of mind?
  • What will the new normal?

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Nalin Miglani
Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resource Officer, EXL
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Deborah Kerr
Director, EXL
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Rohit Kapoor
CEO and Vice Chairman, EXL
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Garen Staglin
Chairman, EXL Founder, One Mind
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