EXL Health recently launched a new brand that features the tagline, “Together, we will do this.” It’s a strong statement about how we collaborate with each other and our clients to solve complex healthcare issues.

In fact, the phrase itself is based on what we learned when we asked clients to help us uncover our brand essence.

Overwhelmingly, EXL Health customers said we are:

  • Easy and fun to work with
  • Approachable and responsive
  • A long-term, true partner
  • A partner with deep analytical knowledge who truly tries to understand and solve their problems

As a company driven by data and analytics, we verified the feedback by consulting with a second set of customers to see if we landed on brand attributes that resonate with them. We are delighted that customer perceptions about EXL Health are consistent and positive.

“Our customers view us a reliable, trusted partner. They know they can count on us to bring the creativity and dedication needed to solve challenges unique to their environment – and do it fast,” said Anita Mahon, EVP, chief growth and strategy officer. It’s a reflection of our Human Ingenuity and the work we do every day to meet customer needs.”

Teamwork in action
It’s common for EXL employees join forces to solve issues for clients, often from multiple business units. This approach is part of our commitment to Human Ingenuity - the catalyst with which we solve our clients’ complex problems. We do that by looking and going deeper, by adapting and adopting quickly, and by combining domain expertise, data, and cutting-edge technology.

Why is Human Ingenuity so important? Our clients face shifting coverage and delivery models unique to their local markets. The need to apply data and analytics to solve their most pressing problems demands a flexible and creative approach. By leveraging Human Ingenuity, we can be nimble and agile enough to quickly create solutions that work for our clients.

Collaborating with clients
Human Ingenuity also drives us to work alongside our clients to create solutions for their most complex problems. Clients often present us with situations for which they need our thinking to better serve their customers, meet compliancy requirements, identify payment issues or contain costs, to name a few examples.

The rapid spread of COVID-19 has been especially challenging for our clients that needed to quickly adapt not only their own business operations, but also figure out how to manage the needed response to the pandemic across the entire healthcare spectrum. EXL Health partnered with clients to do things like enable virtual pharmacy certifications, updating databases to reflect COVID-19 data, and even creating a tool in a short amount of time to automate the classification of pandemic-related claims.

What’s next
Whatever the problem, we will do whatever it takes to find a solution. We are intentional about how we collaborate and determined that we will make a difference.

Together, we will do this.


Nikhil Dhingra,
Senior Vice President, Growth Office, EXL Health

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