Diversity & inclusion

Diversity & inclusion at EXL

Diversity & inclusion at EXL

The world we work and live in is full of diversity. The world we live and work in is powered by innovation.

To be successful in such a world, we need to create an environment where diversity of thought is cherished. We need to create a leadership profile that represents the world we live and work in. A culture that makes everyone feel included and valued: Where everyone grows and flourishes to their full potential: Where we enjoy working with differences and know that differences make us grow.

The EXL Diversity & Inclusion initiative has four focus areas:

Capability Development: We assess our current gaps, develop awareness, and advance capabilities to manage unconscious bias. At EXL, we build culture and competencies to improve diversity and inclusivity. We do this by offering a blend of in-person workshops, virtual sessions, and e-learning programs. We also conduct workshops for our senior leadership, and all other employees around the globe.

Communication: Our organization builds awareness at all levels, generates visibility, and encourages a culture of diverse views through sustained communication and employee resource groups.

Recruitment and Talent: We prioritize hiring a diverse workforce in both gender and nationalities. We are making the necessary interventions to ensure higher diversity in leadership positions.

Diversity and Inclusion Council: EXL’s Diversity and Inclusion Council is an apex body that has been created to ensure that our D&I program achieves its multi-pronged objectives.

UK gender pay gap

UK gender pay gap

Our people and their expertise create tremendous value for EXL and play a direct role in delivering digital intelligence to our clients.

Diversity, equity and inclusion is central to our philosophy of creating an organisation that reflects the world we operate in. We recognise that the world we live and work in is diverse and fuelled by innovation. Our goal is to create a fair and inclusive work environment that embraces differences and promotes leadership opportunities to drive organisational success.

We believe that data is critical, so we are pleased to be sharing our UK Gender Pay Gap figures for the first time. The data will give us a benchmark against which to measure how we are performing against our goals.

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Employee resource group

EXL encourages the formation of Employee Resource Groups. ERGs, as they are popularly known within EXL, represent focus groups of selected communities and offer them a forum thus bringing together members, highlighting their needs and supporting their development.

The setting up of ERGs offers multiple benefits to such groups. These include:

  • Connecting similarities and learning from differences
  • Networking and support
  • Forums to exchange information and share ideas
  • Mentorship, career and professional development

We have set up an employee resource group for women called, ‘Women at EXL’. It has been designed to enable women achievers of EXL advance their career and achieve professional growth through discussion, collaboration, networking, training, development and mentorship opportunities.

 Employee resource group
Diversity council

Diversity council

We believe ‘Diversity’ is a verb and hence it needs to be acted upon. In this direction, we have constituted a ‘Diversity Council’ comprising of global senior leaders to jointly lead the diversity and inclusion initiatives for the organization.

This ‘Diversity Council’ provides guidance on developing EXL’s diversity and inclusion roadmap and oversees its execution.

The council is also responsible for ensuring representation of EXL across national and international diversity programs and forums.

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EXL offers training programs that enable our employees to adapt and succeed in our diverse environment. We focus on all levels of the organization while designing and delivering these programs as we realize that inclusivity is a company wide requirement and not restricted to any particular level.

Training programs help us achieve our diversity and inclusion objectives:

All our employees are made aware of and, encouraged to learn and respect the diversity present in the company and, among all our external partners, clients, suppliers etc.

Our training programs help employees identify, understand and manage their unconscious bias, while offering mechanisms to cope with and reduce the impact of any ‘conscious’ fallacies that can lead to discriminative behavior.

One of the focus areas in diversity and inclusion is to enhance the gender diversity mix at EXL, especially at leadership levels. We conduct ‘Growing Leadership of Women’ workshops specially for our women leaders that help the participants reflect, share and learn from each other and from the experts. These program are aimed at:

  • Understanding one’s unique strengths
  • Managing internal biases
  • Creating action plans to overcome challenges & barriers