EXL stands against racism and hatred

Dear Colleagues:

Across the United States, we are witnessing the real-time expression of collective pain.

As a global community whose foundation is built upon a rich mix of cultures, religions, nationalities, and backgrounds, it is important that we make it clear that we are in solidarity with all who seek to build an inclusive and equitable world. Our identity, our very existence, is rooted in empowering everyone on the planet. Racism, hatred, and inequality must have no place in our world.

We know that this comes at a time when tensions are already high and anxiety is widespread due to the ongoing pandemic. In the midst of this incredibly difficult period, know that we are here for you and we remain a community and company that is stronger together and committed to equality and justice. At EXL, all employees should feel safe, find fulfillment and be able to express their point of view.

We ask you to please have empathy for those who are scared and uncertain. Please reach out and support each other and join our senior leadership team, in advocating for change in our company, in our communities, and society at large.

Let’s look deeper – inside us – and find a better way.


With our heartfelt wishes to all of you,

Rohit Kapoor, Vice Chairman and CEO, and the leadership team at EXL.