Reimagining the Actuarial Function of the Future
The Evolving Actuarial Landscape

Technology Areas Expected to Grow Fastest in Use in 2019
Per a recent survey by SOA, the technologies listed in the chart are the most anticipated technologies expected to impact actuarial practices across the globe.
Use of Data Visualization Among Actuaries
Per a recent survey by SOA, about 57% of actuaries plan to use more data visualization tools in the coming years.

Use of Predictive Analytics Among Actuaries
Per a recent survey by SOA, 45% of actuaries don’t use predictive modeling and about 56% plan to use it more in the near future than their current usage.

Methods that Drive Innovation
Enhanced Data Management (“Data Factory”)

Streamlines data usage and improves consistency of data calculations, drastically improving process speed at the same time

  • 45% reports fully or partially automated within first phase of transformation using data factory methodology
  • Able to address complex regulatory reports and ad hoc analysis
Automation and Process Improvement

Resets actuarial baseline enabling significant acceleration in incremental continuous

  • 75%+ reduction in computation time, from two hours to under 30 minutes for a single policy
  • 20% capacity improvement with no reduction in speed or quality
Optimized Value Alignment

Rapid innovation is ways of working across reserving, modeling, pricing, financial integration, and risk management

  • Transforms the 61% of skilled actuary time going to low-value activities that could be automated or sourced
  • 30% run-rate reduction in actuarial operating costs
  • Moving away from “actuaries as data processors” mindset
Proven Outcomes

Data, assumptions and methodologies

Model development, testing and maintenance


Monitoring, experience and result review

Visualization and documentation

The EXL Advantage

Industry Presence
  • $991.3M (12.3% YoY Revenue Growth) 2019 Revenue
  • 32,600+ Professionals
  • 8 of the top 10 insurers
  • 18 of the top 30 US insurers
  • 10 US P&C insurers
  • 14000+ Insurance Professionals
  • 50+ Actuarial Resources
  • 1370 Data Professionals
  • 500+ Analytics Professionals
Proprietary Methods and Accelerators
  • Data Factory
  • Process Re-engineering
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Micro-Analytix
  • Model Validation Solution
  • P.I. Framework
Technology Expertise
  • Prophet
  • Igloo
  • MS Excel & Access
  • ProVal
  • BI Platforms
  • R/SAS/Python
  • Transformative Change - Re-engineering data processing by creating 360 view of data for multiple insurance clients
  • Freeing Actuarial Talent - 61 % less involvement in non-core tasks
  • Automation - 1500 hours saved on report generation through Automation
  • Cost Reduction - 20% reduction in FTE for a major US Client

"Keeping up means getting ahead. To get ahead, be bold. Be innovative. Be a visionary."


Practice Leader, Insurance Analytics

Rahul Nawab

Practice Leader, Insurance Analytics

Rahul brings over 20 years of experience in leadership and analytics. He has held several senior roles in the banking and insurance analytics industry. At EXL Service he is responsible for business development, client engagement and overall growth of the Insurance Analytics business. Throughout his career, Rahul has co-founded several companies and held a variety of senior management roles, giving him a breadth of experience across a wide spectrum of verticals. Rahul is often invited to industry events to speak before corporate leaders and is a mentor to various associations in Banking & Insurance domain. He was recently nominated as the mentor at Global Insurance Accelerator- a mentor-driven business accelerator designed to foster innovation in the insurance industry. He can be reached at

Vice President, Insurance Analytics

Namit Chopra

Vice President, Insurance Analytics

Namit has almost 13 years of experience in providing advisory and analytics services to leading global insurance carriers across product, marketing & distribution, claims and actuarial operations in the US, UK and Europe, Latin America, Asia Pacific and Australia markets. He has a proven track record in building complex analytics and data science engagements and leading edge capabilities, establishing best in class talent acquisition and development programs, and designing innovative delivery models that have been instrumental in the market-leading success of EXL’s Insurance Analytics practice. Namit has a Masters degree in Business Econometrics and a Bachelors in Science from St. Stephens College, University of Delhi, India. He can be reached at

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Digital Transformation. Strengthened by deep knowledge of domains.

With many leading insurers as clients, we have a firm grasp on the industry and where it’s going.

We use our deep understanding of the customer journey and next-gen technology to help insurers leverage their data to identify and understand who to target, why products resonate, and how to secure and grow customer loyalty.

For EXL, outcomes don’t end with combined ratios. We partner with you to improve your bottom line and your customer’s experience, an increasingly important metric in an industry facing disruption from insuretech start-ups.

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