A deep dive into how companies use digital from EXL and HBR Analytics Services

Digital creates clear opportunities, but many companies struggle to generate the business value they expect from Transformation. EXL partnered with Harvard Business Review Analytics Services to better understand why this gap exists. After surveying more than 800 global executives, several factors were identified as being essential for transformation success.

Read this in-depth report to learn:

  • What industries lead in transformation, and which are falling behind
  • The most common reasons for transformation failure and success
  • Strategies corporations are using to drive their digital initiatives across the front, middle, and back office

Digital transformation is an increasingly critical objective for companies today. Find out how to make your transformation program a success with these strategies from EXL and Harvard Business Review Analytics Services.


Digital Transformation: Bridging the Gap
Between Expectations and Outcomes

Digital Intelligence: Achieving the
Promise of Digital


Banking & Financial Services: Setting the Standard for Customer Engagement

Healthcare’s Digital Mandate: Reduce Costs, Improve

Insurance: Leveraging Digital to Compete in a Low-Growth Environment


Travel, Transportation & Logistics: Navigating Uncertain Waters with Digital

Utilities: Responding to Customer Expectations, Cost Imperatives

Finance & Accounting: Finance’s Digital Future: Setting Strategy and Enabling Transformation


Digital Intelligence Videos


Banking & Financial Services:
Digital Intelligence delivers over 50% efficiency across 20 markets for HSBC operations
Ahead of a Changing Healthcare Landscape
Life & Annuity Insurance:
Expanding and deepening customer relationships


Property & Casualty Insurance:
Meeting the challenges of a changing industry
Turning data into actionable insights
Finance & Accounting:
Transformation for the digital CFO

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