Our client lacked reporting capabilities to track Financial and Operational KPIs for real-time decision making as well as management reporting. EXL partnered with the client to bring in leading cutting edge technologies and support the preparation from and subsequent implementation across various work streams

Client’s Requirement

Our client was one of the largest dry-bulk shipping carrier with ~50 vessels operating around the world. It used various software and tools to monitor vessel operations, cost monitoring, financial reporting and as such struggled to get various data sets required to be considered together in mapping the KPIs on a timely basis. Their primary dashboard requirements were:


  • Time Chartered Equivalent (TCE) Forecast and Performance
  • Fleet Utilization
  • Bunker (Fuel) Utilization


  • Investor Presentations including Earnings, Working Capital etc.
  • Cash Breakeven and Cash Flow
  • Operating Expenses (OPEX)

Phased Approach

EXL suggested use of Tableau tool to utilize reporting capabilities and following approach to create the dashboard:

Planning: Working with the Director of Finance and a few other senior management representatives, collected necessary information and there by creating the proposal and laying the deliverable expectations

Kick-off: Understand the business requirements to support the development of the operational and financial interactive dashboards

Develop: Created models, draft presentations with the help of stationary data to align the requirements of the dashboard readers. Based on the inputs, created links with the base systematic reports and/ or databases to ensure the data gets updated on a real-time basis. Created views in Tableau based on the initial alignment with the stakeholders / executives

Implementation: Implemented Tableau server and licenses in client domain by working with service provider and training the IT resources for future maintenance. Created availability of dashboard views on laptops as well as mobile devices.

Deliver: All the dashboards were built and tested before hosting them on the server. Ensured that dashboards were available at one location with capacity to interact as well as enabled access security permissions

Support: Provide on-demand support to client for maintenance and edits for the dashboards using Transflex Arrangement

Delivering Success

  • Developed interactive dashboards to ensure faster decision making
  • Ensured accessibility of all dashboards at one place, i.e. hosted on a server
  • Enabled security permissions such that only designated individuals can access dashboards
  • Provided necessary documentation to perform dashboard activities
  • Enabled live connections to server
  • Automated manual tasks achieving 95%+ efficiency
  • Created clear mechanism to identify and track various KPIs
  • Focused on organization goals to cater to the immediate needs
  • Established cadence of regular project meetings and reporting

Sample Deliverables

Team Construct

Team Size

  1. Project Manager / PMO
  2. Developers / Consultants
  3. Business Analyst / SMEs

Resource skillsets

Dashboard development       Process Documentation

Business Analysis                 Project Management

Data Aggregation                  Access security permissions


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