"Digital transformation through RPA has helped client to achieve benefits in different areas, standardize processes, and improve employee experience."


EXL’s client needed to drive efficiencies and scale, re-engineer and optimize business processes, minimize rework, increase productivity, and refocus human capital on strategic activities and nurturing customer relationships to support business growth. Accomplishing this would require eliminating manual repetitive tasks, re-engineering, and automating business processes.

By leveraging its proprietary tools and methodologies, EXL helped the client fast track their automation and digital transformation journey.


EXL used its domain expertise and in-depth knowledge of RPA to implement a three-pronged strategy: identify four automation candidates for an initial pilot, set up an RPA Center of Excellence (COE), and establish support and maintenance. A bot factory was established to implement RPA in future processes, provide for continuous improvement, and maintain all bots along with continued governance. After finalizing the bot factory framework, a blueprinting exercise was conducted to finalize the roadmap for achieving economies of scale through end-to-end process automation. A full-scale examination of the client’s operations was carried out to generate a heat map of automation opportunities across the organization, determine intelligent automation tools and technology requirements, and implement change management strategies for this journey.


The transformation journey for this client has demonstrated significant time savings for accelerated throughput at lower costs, scalability to support organizational growth and increased transactional volumes, and happier employees with increased productivity through optimized processes.

Other results achieved include:

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