Multifaceted treasury partner with improved analytics capability


A major multiline insurer serving institutions and consumers.

Business Case

The client wanted to reduce the costs of its finance function.


  • Receipts management
  • Cash management
  • Daily payment processing
  • Fund transfer
  • Query and stop check resolution
  • Internal reporting


Digitally transforming the sales process involves using data, analytics and digital technologies to enhance customer relationships, reduce cost and improve customer engagement.

By applying the right combination of digital interventions, supported by analytics and complemented by human engagement throughout the sales process, companies can drive sales more profitably. This process starts with engaging customers in the most cost-effective manner through targeted messaging, and a digitally-enabled, datadriven approach to conversions that reduces the overall cost per sale.

The framework shown below outlines the decision support factors that help companies make sales recommendations and feedback mechanisms to further refine the recommendations. Each step can be enhanced with the help of data enrichment, advanced analytics and digital strategy.


  • Interest on over- draft  reduced from $180K annually to NIL
  • Reduced idle un-invested funds 70%
  • Lower Payment processing cost 25%

Creating a more effective treasury process

The solution

  • Created cash payment instructions for bank statement (receipts).
  • Selected appropriate pay type and issued payout order.
  • Managed bank reconciliation and recorded unmatched receipts.
  • Forecasted cash position and transferred funds to and from treasury.
  • Investigated and resolved queries within 24 hours.
  • Monitored checks deposited and recorded.
  • Updated accounting entries in FME system.
  • Requisitioned funds for shortfall, transferred to short-term investments for surplus.
  • Delivered reports for service-level compliance.
  • Automated bank receipts and posted to ledgers.

The results

  • Reduced interest on overdraft to NIL from US$180K annually.
  • Leveraged analytics to reduced idle un-invested funds to approximately $1 million from $5 million through cash forecasting and fund transferring.
  • Improved process efficiency to reduce payment processing costs 25%.
  • Reduced collection float through better recording and depositing receipts.
  • Continuously monitored internal controls as independent risk management professionals to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley requirements.

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