Increasing Cross-Sell on Digital Platforms
Building digital recommender systems


Leading Bank in Singapore


Client underwent a major platform revamp on their digital inbound channels to create a personalized ad experience for each customer. To provide that experience,  client  wanted  to identify preferred products, the order in which they were to be shown and best position to show the ad.

EXL Analytics Solution

EXL team built a three-phased analytical framework, with each phase supplementing the previous one.

In the first phase, a scalable solution was developed to identify the best products to be shown for each customer.

In the second phase, the team developed a prioritization framework to identify the order in which the products’ banners have to be shown to each customer.

In the last phase, the EXL team identified the best position to display the ad to maximize the click through rates.


  • 2.5x Increase in revenue per lead
  • Increase in Click Through Rate 4X
  • 20% Increase in product take-ups through digital channels
  • Reductions in new offer launch time 50%

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