Utilization management

All, some, or just a little

With a flexible approach, you don’t have to settle for a blanket offering. Our Utilization Management (UM) program gives you options that fit your budget, while driving efficiency. Our deep pool of experts remove barriers from complex medical, behavioural, and pharmacy UM operations, allowing our clients to focus on more critical areas, like their patients and members.

Time to Separate

In today’s healthcare landscape, clinical and non-clinical teams spend 30-40% of their time on administrative tasks, including working in multiple systems with multiple views, with exorbitant amounts of data and manual lookup. Enter EXL Health UM Operations. With a variety of best-in-class technologies and a proven system that gets results, we take UM workflows where others don’t.

Who we serve

EXL Health partners with and delivers our Utilization Management services to both health plan payer and provider organizations. We support driving value-based outcomes and transformation in order to support improvements to member health outcomes, medical cost containment and quality compliance.